Managed Hosting

Managed hosting servers provide the power you need for a low to medium traffic website or application. You have more important business to focus on, let professionals manage all aspects of your website hosting. Your site will be optimized for speed to assist in increasing your search ranking, and security updates and audits will be performed to ensure the safety of your data. Call to talk with a specialist at 1-800-995-IDCO about your hosting needs, or order online. Once a client you can submit a customer service ticket and you will receive a 24-48 hour turnaround on website maintenance or updates.

Managed Hosting


Cloud Hosting
Unlimited Bandwidth
Managed CMS / CRM Hosting


Managed Plus

Priority Site Updates
Redundant Hosted Site
Unlimited Bandwidth
CMS/Application Updates



Fully Managed
Cloud Servers
Scalable CPU + RAM
Unlimited Bandwidth
Rec. for Medium Traffic



Fully Managed
High Performance Server
Denial of Service Protection
Unlimited Bandwidth
Rec. for Heavy Traffic